Calvin Harris dumps Rita Ora by Social Media

Social media has become one of the pillars of communication for many of the billions around the world. What’s written on the internet is normally written in ink and in this day age, is unlikely to ever be fully erased. Twitter has become a big avenue for musicians and pop stars to express their opinions and even relationships have ended via a ‘tweet’.

Calvin Harris at a computer - don't do it, Calvin!Reports this week suggests that Rita Ora had apparently found out that super DJ lover Calvin Harris had actually ended the relationship via Twitter. The couple had been dating for a year. However, Mr Harris, cowardly, if you like, took to the social networking site to confirm it was over.

He tweeted: “To address speculation – myself and Rita ended our relationship some time ago. She is a beautiful, talented women and I wish her all the best.”

Not only were fans left surprised – Rita even ran to The Sun newspaper to express her embarrassment, claiming she didn’t think he was going to make such an announcement, especially on Twitter!

Ora seems to be no stranger to trouble on Twitter. She previously dated Rob Kardashian, who took to Twitter to attack the British star after they broke up. He alleged that Ora cheated on him with “more than 20 dudes”. He even then claimed that he got her pregnant – all via Twitter!

The tweets stayed live for around 30 minutes before Rob had second thoughts and deleted them. Silly boy, he should have known he was broadcasting to the world and those kind of words stain. On the other hand, we think that she should try and go for a more ‘low-profile’ guy who has a poor internet connection next time around!

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