The Enemy Return To Grace The Rock Scene

In the height of today’s popular culture, the charts are dominated by disco-pop, contemporary dance music and boy bands. Rock doesn’t feel as popular today, but one of the best bands of the past seven years are back to grace the airwaves. The Enemy are back with their 4th studio album, teaming up with Warner Records once again, with whom they released their first album with back in 2007.

The Enemy

The Enemy (Credit: Mark Tighe. Link:

The band, from Coventry, have had top 10 success with all previous albums, even grabbing a number one gong with “We’ll Live And Die In These Towns” which was a double platinum success, launching their name to the top of the rock genre.

The members are all relatively young, still in their 20’s, and have already won various awards and played some of the most iconic stages across the country.

Speaking of the new record, the band’s front man, Tom Clarke, said:

“We’ve been working on it for a long time. It’s a f****** great record. It was difficult to make but not in a bad way. To people who are still living in 2007 it’ll be a shock but to us it’s a natural progression.”

Clarke continued:

“I sat Andy [Hopkins, bassist] down and said, ‘Mate, I don’t wanna make another Enemy record. I’m bored. We’ve nailed what we do, I wanna go and do solo stuff and make music like the music I listen to.’ And he said, ‘So do I.’ So we decided to take a leap of faith together.”

The band are set to release the new album on October 9, also announcing a UK Tour for November and December, playing dates in major cities across the UK including London, Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield.

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