8 secret hobbies of your favorite musicians

To get where they are in life we would have to be crazy to think the colorful, imaginative and damn right strange musicians we love were to have simple lives outside of work. So with that in mind, we have uncovered 8 strange hobbies from 8 of the music industry’s finest.

  1. Jack White – He may be edgy, but would you have known Mr White was an upholsterer in his spare time. Not quite sure how he would be able to fit any influences of that hobby into a track, however.
  2. Alice Cooper – Believe it or not, the rock boffin isn’t just a handicap due to age – he has a pretty decent handicap around the golf course, too. He has been spotted at many a pro-am tournament.
  3. Big Boi – When this man isn’t spending time spitting bars with fellow Outkaster, Andre 3000, he is busy breeding dogs. I think we will leave that one there.
  4. Roger Daltrey – A legend in many a mans eye, but even more so on the trout farming scene. When Roger isn’t busy being a God, or watching his beloved Arsenal, he is busy getting fishy.
  5. Gary Numan – This man isn’t just playing with ‘cars’. No no, in his spare time he is a test pilot.
  6. Lemmy (Motorhead) – Rather concerning this one. The frontman of Motorhead is said to be keen on collecting Nazi memorabilia. He even insists on having the famour (for all the wrong reasons) iron cross encrusted onto his bass guitar. Eurgh.
  7. Slash – Still busy traveling the world touring with his Guitar. However, when he isn’t, the Guns N Roses man is collecting… what for it… Pinball Machines. Okay.
  8. Keith Richards – Finally, and most recently, Keith is set to publish his second kids book this year. The new book will tell the story of Keith as a kid and the times he spend with his granddad who used to be part of a jazz band. Your ideal bedtime story, right?

Have we missed anybody? Let us know if you are aware of any musicians with bizarre hobbies that we didn’t include.

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