MP3 Offers

Even though the cost of MP3s varies from site to site, these prices are often misleading. Let us explain - if you were to add $10 to your account on a site that sells tracks for $0.10, you would be able to download 100 tracks. Still with us so far? Good! Now, if you were to make a deposit of $10 on another site that prices songs at $0.12, BUT they were running a promotion whereby you got an extra $5 added to your account when you buy $10 of credit, you would have enough credit for 125 tracks.

This type of promotion is very common amongst the websites we review, so it is always best to check out what is on offer on each site before choosing one on which to make a deposit.

We regularly post updates on our Google+, Twitter and Facebook pages to keep you informed of when these offers occur, so make sure you follow us, like us, or add us to your circles to ensure you don't miss out!

  • Here's a round-up of the bonuses you get when adding credit to your account on each of the MP3 websites reviewed:
    • Iomoio - $32/$16, $48/$32, $96/$96
    • Soundike - $30/$10, $50/$30, $100/$100
    • MP3Caprice - $25/$5, $50/$20, $100/$50
    • MelodiShop - $30/$10, $50/$50, $100/$300
    • MediaSack - $19.99/$15.01, $29.99/$40.01, $49.99/$75.01, $99.99/$250.01
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