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Being one of the newest site to an industry is often both a good thing and a bad thing at once. On the bad side, you have to compete with other sites that have already got lots of customers, but on the good side, you can see what your competitors are doing and then do it better. This is what MP3Caprice seem to have done, by combining a well designed, easy-to-use website with excellent value MP3s.

Screenshot of the home page The MP3Caprice Home Page

We have listed below some of the best aspects of MP3Caprice, which should help you to choose whether you wish to use them as your new source of music.

  • Cheap MP3s
    MP3Caprice is one of the cheapest sites from which to download music, with every track costing only 12¢ (which is about 9 pence in UK money). Additionally, a lot of the downloads are of a very high bitrate (the indicator of quality for MP3 files - the higher the better), so it's not as if you will be disappointed with the sound quality despite the low price.
  • Top-up bonuses
    Otherwise known as "free money"! Currently when you top up your account with MP3Caprice, they will reward you with upto an extra 50% of the amount you deposited again. That means if you add $50 to your account, they will give you an extra $20 for free. Of course, you don't have to spend that much to get a bonus - you can deposit the minimum amount of $25 and you will still get $5 added to your account, spend $50 for an additional $20 free, or get a massive $50 extra by depositing $100 into your account.
  • Write reviews for extra credit
    Another way you can be rewarded on is through their review-and-reward program. When you write an original review for an album that gets accepted onto the site, your account will be credited with $2 which you can use to spend on any music in their store.
  • Tell-a-Friend Program
    If you use their tell-a-friend link and your friend signs up and makes a deposit into their account, you will be rewarded with an additional $10 in your account.

Disappointingly, one of the best aspects of MP3 Caprice is no more - as pointed out above, their minimum deposit amount of $10 has now been vastly increased to $25 now. One benefit of this, however, is that the reward for doing so has also increased from a $2 bonus to a $5 one.

Their website will not be winning any awards for design and functionality, but it does everything it needs to without being overly impressive in any area. And at 12 cents per track, they are neither the cheapest nor most expensive site from which to download music, so as with the site as a whole, we find MP3Caprice very "middle of the road".

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