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The first difference MediaSack has over the other sites we review is that they also offer movies for download. Some are even free, though you have to have over $1 in your account, and it's only the low-quality version. But still, that's not a bad USP, and most movies are available to download in multiple formats, with prices relating to their quality.

Anyway, enough about the movies, this site is about cheap music and that's what you want to hear about! The good news is that their prices are excellent - just $0.10 per MP3. Luckily, there's not much "bad" news about MediaSack, but one down-side to the site is their search facility. It can be buggy, and is very broad, meaning you can't easily search for an artist and track name at once, making it fairly hard to find exactly what you want quickly.

Having said that, their music catalog is a decent size, but not one of the largest when compared to, say, Iomoio. Their top-up amounts are also reasonable - you can add credit from $19.99 and by doing so you will receive an extra $10.01, rounding it up nicely to a cool $30 in your account. If you're feeling flush, you can add $99.99 to your account and get a huge bonus of $150.01, but there are also two other top-up levels between these amounts.

Screenshot of the MediaSack home page The MediaSack Home Page

Just by registering with MediaSack and confirming your email address, $1 is added to your account. On most sites, that would seem a paltry sum but on this one it allows you to download ten MP3 tracks completely free. In our experience, you won't be disappointed with the quality either as all files seem to be of a high bit-rate.

The final thing that's worth a mention is their referral system. If your friends click a special link that you have given them (which can be found under the "Refill Balance" tab of the account area), sign up and subsequently add funds to their account, you will be rewarded with $10 in your account. Sweet!

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