MP3 Affiliate Programs

If you run a website, you may be interested to know that you can make money by referring visitors to MP3 websites. When they sign-up and deposit money into their account, you get a percentage of whatever they spend. I have found it to be very lucrative, and so would definately recommend it as a way of monetizing your site!

  • MP3 Caprice offer a 20% commission on any deposits made by customers you have refered to them.
    You will need this invitation code to register*: g4*wZMOjAiWEKf6P3zOs6PmddTENTA9i
  • MelodiShop commission start from a massive 40% rate for affiliates and have multiple payout methods.
    Here are some invitation codes*: 8b0085f62d39, 761604bb0e8b, 3897a8f233bc

* If the invitation code you are trying to use has expired, please contact us for a new one.

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