Strangest Duets: 5 Simply Odd Pairings

For what ever reason, a range of stars from the film and music industry have come together in years gone by. Why? We aren’t sure, but here are 5 of the strangest duets you’ll ever come across.

1. Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton

Two megastars in their chosen industries. But why they felt the need to come together to produce the hideous “Sweet Lovin’ Friends”, we don’t know. Stallone needs to stick to  the ring clearly with this track receiving the “Worst Original Song” at the renowned Razzie Awards back in 1985.

2. Elton John and Eminem

Firstly, Marshall Mathers aka Eminem was widely known for his anti-gay lyrics way before joining forces with gay icon, Elton John in 2000. However, this didn’t stop Elton teaming up  with the Detroit superstar at the Grammies in 2001 for one very awkward performance.

3. Nelly and Tim McGraw

2004 saw one of country musics biggest starts join up with rapper Nelly. This may of seemed a strange pairing, however, in 2004 they released the song ‘Over and Over’ which enjoyed success in charts all over the world.

4. Mary J Blige and U2

“One” by U2 was a cracking track, one that will go down as a great. “One” by U2 with Mary J Blige, not so much. Why the rock God’s felt the need to team up with Mary is beyond us, to kill a great track at that. This song does not work with a hip-hop diva, end of.

5. Wu Tang and Texas

Wu Tang = hardcore rap legends with serious street cred. Texas = soft sounding pop vocalist. How did this happen. However, the track they released, “Say What You Want”, kind of worked in a strange way. A great sample in the chorus and very catchy.

Have we missed any duets of bizarreness? Let us know.

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