One Direction For Doncaster Rovers

Buying a football club at 22 years old is something that some of us may dream of. When you have millions of pounds like Louis Tomlinson does, you can sure as hell make that dream a reality. It is being widely reported that the One Direction megastar is set to buy his beloved home town club, Doncaster Rovers.
Louis Tomlinson playing for Doncaster Rovers
He’ll have his work cut out turning the club around, who have just been relegated back to League One. As well as this, the boy doesn’t have the squeaky clean imagine you may imagine he would have. Just recently he and fellow One Directioner, Zayn Malik, were caught on camera smoking cannabis in Peru. However, he is quoted as saying that this won’t be a concern to jeopardise his chances of landing the club.

Singer Tomlinson has already mingled with the club on the pitch. The lifelong fan drew huge crowds to the club after making a professional appearance for the reserve team in February after signing to the club’s books last summer.

He is set to be teaming up with John Ryan, who previously owned the club, to help him takeover the club and offer guidance.

Musicians and pop stars grabbing a slice of their football clubs is something that has happened in the past. Whilst TV cook Delia Smith plays a big part for Norwich FC on the directors board, and gave an infamous speech a few years back, Elton John began the trend by becoming the chairman and director of Watford FC in 1976.

Elton John had a very hands-on approach with the club, offering up large sums of money which helped the club rise up three divisions to the modern day Premier League. However, juggling this role with becoming one the biggest music stars ever became a bit too much and in 1987 he decided to sell the club on.

Whilst Louis Tomlinson has had huge success in the music industry, can he emulate his fortunes for his beloved home club?

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