Rod Stewart Shocks Twitter by ‘Stripping’

When it comes to musicians and celebrities laying it all bare, we like it to be the prettier ones in life that do so. And although some women (and maybe men) may disagree, we were shocked to see Rod Stewart stripped down to just a shirt after performing at the opening of this year’s Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony in Glasgow.

Rod Stewart in just a shirt

The singer, who was clearly in good spirits, posted a picture of himself in nothing but just a shirt to Twitter. He posted the photo in front of his beloved Celtic’s Board Room trophy case, stating: “I never thought I’d be able to stand in the Celtic Board Room in front of the trophy case… with no pants.”

Previous to this photo, he gave a great performance of his song Rhythm Of My Heart at the opening ceremony to a large scale audience. The Scottish superstar was joined by other proud Scots in performing the opening ceremony. Joining him was worldwide superstar Susan Boyle, John Barrowman, Amy Macdonald and vintage comedian, Billy Connelly.

The show also took a very anti-homophobic stance, snubbing homophobic nations in the ceremony with John Barrowman kissing a man waiting for him at the aisle, skipping away hand in hand.

This went down well with the viewers. They were quick to praise organisers for showcasing their support for gay marriage which is actually illegal in a whopping 42 of 53 commonwealth countries – still to this day!

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