Apple Offers Two Gifts to iCloud Music Users in Space of a Week

It’s been a pretty mammoth time for apple in the past few weeks. The Californian giant last week launched the eagerly awaited iPhone 6 models and broke music fans hearts by discontinuing one of the most iconic pieces of technology in history. And if putting a stop to the iPod Classic didn’t shatter those hearts enough, they essentially spammed every iCloud user’s devices with the not-so-eagerly-awaited new U2 album, Songs of Innocence.

U2's new albun on the iPhone

With 500 million users, Apple thought they would send music lovers wild by confirming that U2 aren’t so hip anymore. However, this was unfortunately met with bemusement and rolled eyes as the music world mocked Apple via social media.

So what has been done to counteract this event? Well, Apple, clearly red-faced about this stunt, can now officially offer users a way out of the U2 album. Apple this week has released a tool which will allow all iCloud users the ability to delete and remove the U2 album Songs of Innocence from your Apple device in one click.

Apple says: “If you decide later you want the album, you will need to get it again”, in a statement this week. The album from U2 will be available until October 13. But, if you do actually decide that your storage space is needed for other things, like storing Superbad and the American Pie trilogy, then the button is there for you to use right away.

However, if that isn’t quite enough, and you want rid of Bono forever, then tough!

Apple have had an infatuation with U2 since the special edition U2 iPod 10 years ago, and the ‘Artist’ button – if you didn’t already know – is based on the front man’s silhouette. Whilst some people see this as a ‘gift’ from Apple, we sure do hope it’s something a bit more exciting next time. Poor U2.

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