Tensions prominent as Genesis reunite for BBC documentary

Back in June, we reported that Genesis and the BBC were to team up for an eagerly anticipated documentary regarding the relationships and time spent in the band which spanned decades. We mentioned previously that this would be the first time in many a year that the likes of Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel and other members would spend time together as one again, and it was sure to be a clash of egos. Genesis doing what they do best
After 40 years, the documentary makers interviewed both the group as a whole and each band member individually who all had some very different opinions on one another, with the main talking point being Peter Gabriel, who later went on to have a successful solo career, much like Phil Collins.

Gabriel left the band in the mid 70’s and you can feel the tension between him and his fellow band-mates, who failed to make any allowances, it seemed, for his departure which was said to have hinged on his baby daughter’s illness.  The documentary went on to explain that his departure led to Collins becoming the main vocal point of the group, which was a steep rise from his drum set.

It was said Collins was the last resort. However, it was apparent that Collins led the company down a more populist path from the documentary, reaching new audiences. Collins continued solos hits during Genesis’ reign, which we can all recall.

The documentary lasted 90 minutes and covered the endless and awesome tales of their hit records and enormous tours, which eventually took its toll on this super band. The BBC will be happy with what seemed to be a heavily view piece, with Social Media going crazy. Whilst we don’t have figures of how many tuned in for the documentary, we are sure, but hash tags alone, that it was a large one.

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