Poor Madge Suffers Whiplash

It will go down as one of the most iconic cock-ups in showbiz history. Last Tuesday saw the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna, take a rather unfortunate stumble on stage at the annual Brit Awards in London.

Now 56 years of age, Madonna failed to get her Armani cape untied in time during what was set to be a mediocre performance at best. She subsequently fell backwards down a short set of stairs and despite claiming she was “fine” directly after the gig, she has now gone on to change her story somewhat.

Social media went crazy and millions around the world saw the blunder and she has now revealed she has whiplash which is anything but unusual for a sudden backwards movement of the neck (trust me, the British should know).

But it sounds like it could have been oh-so-worse for Madge if the “guardian angels of the metaphysical world” didn’t save her from more serious injury in London.

Just when you didn’t think a celebrity couldn’t say something anymore ridiculous, she comes to the fore. The singer has said that both the physical world and the metaphysical world were at work to save her after she was tugged backwards and she has even claimed she “wouldn’t have survived that fall” if it wasn’t for that.

Despite claiming whiplash like half of the UK in dodgy insurance claims, she says:

“I have core strength and I know that saved me. That, and my guardian angels. I think both were at work in the protection of myself.”

Her angels must have wanted her to shrug off the pain caused from the tumble in style, as she has been seen partying in Paris with EDM DJ Diplo. The singer continuously posted photos of the pair accompanied by champagne and ‘Blessed in Paris’ captions.

Get well soon, Madge.  Oh, you have…

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