Coachella Recap: Learn More About The World’s Biggest Festival

Some of you may know, some of you may not, but The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival is America’s answer to Glastonbury in the UK, and has become the world’s most popular festival.

Featuring a wealth of different music and arts from across the globe, it seems to make the headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Whether it is the annoying plastic celebrity presence of the Kardashians or the insane outfits that catch the headlines, something always seems to grab the world’s attention each year. Time to grow old gracefully, Madge?

So what headlined this year?

Unfortunately for everyone involved, Madonna has stolen the show again, just weeks after her calamity fall at the Brit Awards. Rapper Drake closed out the concert in collab with Madonna and she stunned everyone, including Drake, by performing some kind of horrible mouth to mouth kissing action. Yet again, Madonna has taken the internet by storm with her latest stunt.

Drake’s headline slot seemed to hold all of the action and Justin Bieber was supposedly invited backstage after his performance. However, he somehow ended up being escorted out by security in a headlock. There isn’t much else to report on this, but TMZ seem to have the footage which shows the removal of the singer as the story grows. We kind of get the feeling that no one likes him and he probably deserves a headlock, anyway.

In summary of the music, it was clear that dance music has tightened its grip on the world. Kaskade’s EDM performance brought in the biggest crowd of the weekend and the variety of dance music tents ranged from deep house to garage to funky house. Coachella seemed to be taking a leaf out of Tomorrowland’s fantasy book, as they splashed out on ornate art and special effects which seems to carry the modern day DJ at any festival across the world, such as the Disco Shark below!

Disco Shark!

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