Could this be the return of Oasis?

For over a decade now, the legendary 90’s rock band Oasis has seen so much bad blood that it’s hard to believe that they would consider getting back together. However, reports from the tabloids this week are saying that the Gallagher brothers are willing to put rivalries aside in the hope of reforming Oasis.

Oasis in concertNoel has spent recent years with his own band, Beady Eye, which had a decent spell but has now broken up. While Liam has also had some good success with his own band the High Flying Birds.

Reports are saying the brothers are in the ‘early days of terms’ regarding the comeback that would surely go on to be one of the most successful of the modern era. Sources say that Liam is ready to try and put differences behind them, especially as the reform would be massively lucrative for both of the brothers with ticket demand set to shoot through the roof. Even Noel Gallagher has previously stated that if Oasis reformed “it would be only for the money”.

With rumours circling, some are claiming they would be tempted by an offer of heading this summer’s Glastonbury Festival, but the pair say they plan to come back on their own terms rather than committing to anything for this year, insisting publicly a reunion remains a way off for Oasis.

Still, this will be music to the ears of millions, literally, who were left bereft when Oasis split last in 2009 after a host of successful albums, tracks and tours, which saw them bail out at the new Wembley stadium.

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