One Direction to Continue as Zayn Malik Departs

It was hardly surprising that the departure of one of the main heartthrobs from the world’s biggest boy band would do anything but send the world into a frenzy.

Zayn splits from 1D!In a week of disastrous news, this story seemed to hit teenage girls a little bit harder than we would have liked. The meltdown was global as Zayn Malik announced he has left the band which has gone on to see them top charts and sell out stadiums globally for over 4 years.

The news of Malik’s departure came just days after he quit the band’s ‘On the Road Again’ World Tour due to “stress”, as the 22-year-old revealed in his first interview after leaving 1D that he hasn’t been quite right or the same for “a while”.

The band are said to be continuing without Zayn, and Liam Payne, one of the 4 remaining members, has gone on to say: “I can see a lot of people thanking us for staying but you’re the real heroes here, thanks for not thinking it’s finished.” The star tweeted this statement to his 19 million-plus following on Twitter.

Liam, who has been the most vocal out of the group, has been joined by other members, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan in supporting their former band mate and friend’s choice in leaving One Direction.

Creator of the band, Simon Cowell, has not said much about the departure, stating simply “Sometimes strength is not defined by numbers” and also praising the fans. However, rumours are beginning to spread that Malik has already been signed to his label Syco Music for a solo album in the near future, with a likely release being in 2016.

Does anyone else have Robbie Williams and Take That in mind here?

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