Strongest Batch of British Male Artists in Over a Decade

British male solo artists are at their strongest stage for over 15 years according to an analysis by BPI. The analysis focused on record sales and concluded that 2014 was a hugely successful year for the gender.

UK Males - Sheeran, Smith and EzraThe top 1,000 best-selling artists albums in the UK dating back to 2000 were analysed, including the BPI’s new Music Market 2015. The two men of the moment and high profile acts were Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith who both scooped double BRIT awards back in Feb. George Ezra also helped to ensure that Male Solo Artists took a large 38.2% share of sales, which was the highest of this century. That’s nearly four in every 10 albums purchased in the UK.

In 2nd place, came the Male Group Category with a 36.8% share of artist albums. Heading up this category were successful British bands which include Coldplay, Take That and of course, One Direction.

The spokesperson for the BPI had this to say: “After years of dominance by Rock and Pop Groups as well as a more recent spell at the top by Female Solo Artists, the amazing success of Male Solo Artists in 2013 and 2014 led by Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and George Ezra is helping to reshape the music landscape.

“You’d probably have to go back to the days when Robbie and George Michael were regularly topping the Official Charts in the Nineties and then further back to the Fifties era of the Crooners to find a time when Male Solo Artists so dominated the music scene.”
You might be asking yourself, who are the BPI, exactly?

Well, they’re the British Phonographic Industry, representing the UK’s recorded music industry. They conduct constant research into the industry, as well as driving and supporting initiatives that help inform and educate consumers about the value and importance of music.

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