More Dre Success with “Straight Outta Compton”

Dr Dre really knows how to make a buck. As a producer on the new hip-hop biopic “Straight Outta Compton”, he has helped push the film to the top of the box office with a massive $56.1 million revenue on it’s opening.Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg

Compared to other rap movies, the film was produced on a fairly small budget of just under $30 million, taking more than Eminem’s 8 mile which took an overall of $51million back in 2002, whilst Notorious, based on the life of Notorious B.I.G., opened up with $20.5million.

The movie as a whole focuses on the rap group N.W.A, prominent throughout the 90’s. Various popular heavyweight names that most will know today, including Dr Dre, were part of the group. Their rise to fame from rough backgrounds in one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in America, Compton, are chronicled in the film.

The film also focuses on Ice Cube, with his son O’Shea Jackson Jr playing his father in the movie.

“It really struck a chord with audiences. It’s a story that is resonating right now,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst with box office tracker Rentrack.

“It was one of those records that was an important work and a very important expression of a particular viewpoint. To this day, that album has so much power.”

Dre Success

It’s been a busy few years for Dre and the dollar bills keep stacking up. Since July 2008, he has seen his brand of headphones, Beats by Dr Dre rise and rise in popularity, becoming the biggest brand of headphone on the planet, worn by the average guy to the professional sportsmen.

In May 2014, he hit the big time when Apple bid for the headphone at a reported $3billion. This made him the richest man in hop-hop, surpassing all by some distance.

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