British MC Making a “Storm” This Christmas Time

Forget McGregor, Joshua or that chick who won X Factor – MC Stormzy is the man everyone is talking about this week. The grime artist has launched a new campaign to get his new track “Shut Up” to the top of the UK singles chart – but the chances are slim thanks to Simon Cowell, who dominates the charts at Christmas every year thank to his X Factor show.

MC Stormzy

Stormzy has come to the forefront of social media after appearing at boxer Anthony Joshua’s bout against Dillian Whyte for the British Heavyweight Title on Saturday night. The MC performed the track live as his good friend Joshua entered the ring at The O2 to successfully knock-out his opponent. In an aim to down any chance of an X Factor win, Stormzy has taken to social media to get support, tweeting: “Bun X Factor” – (we think that bun means to forget!).

Speaking to The Lad Bible, Stormzy had this to say:

“I don’t know, man. I’m a bit crazy so sometimes I just get these mad ideas that, on paper, aren’t even possible. But in my head I just think ‘yeah, f*** it, let’s do it.'”

Asked what he would do if he did get to Number One, he responded:

“I’d have a party and pop some bottles and make a video being like “aaaaahaha f*** it”. I’m all about the banter, that’s my problem.”

The song was originally aired earlier in the year as part of a freestyle, with a studio version also being released, reaching number 18 in the UK Charts, being Stormzy’s first Top 40 hit ever. It was also the first ever freestyle track to chart in the top 40 of the UK.

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