Gaga Comes Up Trumps at Super Bowl 50

The Super Bowl is simply a show. The game itself, for many, is drawn out beyond boredom, with 99% of the population left scratching their heads at how the game is actually played, especially on the other side of the pond. What makes the Super Bowl special is the half-time show. Each year a popular band or artist will receive the opportunity to play to an audience of 120 million plus around the world. This year, Beyonce and Coldplay were due to steal the show at half-time, but it seems someone beat them to it.

Lady Gaga, well known for her off-the-wall style, has been applauded by all those around her for a goosebumps-inducing performance of the US national anthem. Said to be on a comeback and into a new, bolder age for the star, she gave an immense operatic rendition of the anthem which was recognised by many on social media…

“Lady GaGa did a solid job of singing the national anthem for Super Bowl. Impressive.” said Gene Simmons on Twitter.

Author John Green also took to Twitter to tell his 5 million followers what he thought: “Wasn’t too patriotic in general but then Gaga anthem and how I’m wearing an American flag tank top and eating apple pie.”

Last year the Super Bowl broke viewing figures with 49% of US homes tuning in and the nation as a whole totting up 116 million in viewing figures, not to mention the rest coming from worldwide destinations. Whilst figures are yet to be released, everyone expects this year to yet again break the record.

Oh and also, in case you were wondering, The Denver Broncos beat Carolina Panthers 24 to 10 to win the actual game.

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