Gullible Fans Fall For “Harry Styles” Face Swap

It’s quite a feat, fooling millions of One Direction fans around the world into thinking Harry Styles undertook a pretty major makeover that gave him both a filtered tan and shorter, neater hair, giving off a much more “appealing” look. Well, that’s what Yorkshire teenager Ellis Lacey did on Sunday with a little help of social media’s Snapchat.

Harry Styles Face Swap

Lacey, an X Factor auditionee, mastered a face swap with Styles that had women swooning. Incredibly convincing, the face swap was uploaded to Instagram and Twitter saying: “Harry looks cool with his new hair.”

This saw social media light up and it may have seemed convincing if you’d been keeping up with the world of Harry Styles and his hair. Earlier in the week, the now solo musician uploaded a picture of his hand holding a freshly cut lock of hair which got people talking about a new shorter style. Man, who knew a famous musician’s haircut could cause such a fuss?

But even days later, there was no signs of this haircut, until Lacey stepped in with this prank of a picture. And whilst some still believe (or like to believe) that Lacey’s picture is in fact their hero Harry, it’s apparent that it isn’t, with Lacey later going on to admit her deception and posting the original photo without Styles’ face.

Former One Direction star Styles is set to be donating his hair to The Little Princess Trust, which provides real hair wigs to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have tragically lost their own hair through cancer treatment. We salute you Harry!

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