Katy Perry Naked = Democratic Fever!

The build-up in this year’s presidential race has been tedious. Whether you’re American or an outsider looking in, watching Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump has not been the finest site.

Well, that all changed this week, as Katy Perry gave the States something very worthwhile getting all democratic for. In a bid to get people voting, she teased the world with a video of her pretty much getting stark naked in a bid to do so!

Perry, a strong supporter of the Democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton, shared on social media what seemed to be an image of herself in the nude ahead of the first presidential debate between Trump and Clinton which aired on September 26th 2016.

Since then, a full video has been released, showing Perry looking pretty scruffy in her morning wear, making her way to a polling station. Her get-up is a ploy to echo to all American’s that you can turn up to vote on November 8th 2016 in whatever you like.

At the end of the video, the pop singer takes off her gown to reveal, a sadly censored, full frontal shot of herself naked, only to be taken away by the police for doing so. So America: turn up in what you like to vote, but make sure it’s ‘something’ and not ‘nothing’.

To end the whole sketch, she sticks her head out of the car window and says, “Scratch that, gotta wear clothes. See you at the polls November 8th!”

Ah Katy, we seriously love you and everything about you. If we were American, we’d vote because of you and your oh-so-sexy-self!

Election Day to decide the next President of the United States takes place on November 8th 2016.

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