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All of the sites we review look great, but Soundike really stands out. It looks great, but that doesn't detract from the ease-of-use of the site. If you are looking for a song, we are sure it will be available on Other good features of the site include the following:

Screenshot of home page The Soundike Home Page
  • Free Songs
    When you register, make sure you check the confirmation email they send you as it will contain a link that will allow you to confirm your email address - and by doing so, Soundike will give you a bonus of 30¢ in your account. This may not sound a great deal, but it will allow you to download any 2 songs you want so you can test their service.
  • Completely Legal
    If you have any reservations regarding the legality of the site, Soundike are so confident that they are not doing anything illegal (as are we) that they state this on their site:
    "Our music service is absolutely legal in all countries and all states".
    There is more information on the legality of these websites on the FAQ page.
  • Quality/Price
    As each song is only $0.15, you could be forgiven for thinking that the quality of the music will not be very good, but you will be pleased to know that this is not the case, with many of the songs on the site being CD quality (320kbps).
  • Music Archive
    As with all the other sites reviewed on, the depth of the music collection available on is staggering. It is updated daily, so you are sure to find the song you want.
  • Album Discounts
    If you want to download an entire album rather than just odd songs off of it, make sure you click the "Buy full album now" link as you will receive a 20% discount when doing so.
  • Quick Search
    Kind of know what the band or track is you want, but aren't 100% sure? Use the Soundike search facility and it will suggest matches, enabling you to easily find the songs you are looking for.

Disappointingly, both their Facebook and Twitter accounts haven't been updated for a long time, so getting in touch with them could be an issue should you ever need to, but we have never heard of any complaints regarding their server so hopefully that shouldn't be an issue. Otherwise, we find it hard to criticize the site in any way, apart from maybe being pedantic and saying their tracks could be a few cents cheaper to be inline with some of the other sites we review.

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